With a vast sea of options to choose from, finding the best casino games that have the best odds is not really as easy as it seems. Casino games do not just stop at card games alone, there are various casino games that exist, and finding the ones with the best odds is what we are going here to help you find.

What are odds?

Before we get into listing the best casino games with the best odds, you might need to know what odds are and why they are important in betting games and in this case, casino games.

Odds are the measure of how much you can win versus how much you bet and they exist in different forms like spreads, money lines, or totals. Odds are compiled by bookmarkers to predict what they believe is the likelihood of an event or game occurring.

Are Odds Important

The key to becoming a casino game winner is understanding the odds of winning as well as the odds of losing. No matter what cards you are being dealt, it is incredibly important to be aware of the chances of winning and losing and this lies in the understanding of the odds and probabilities.

Casino Games that Have the Best Odds

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is very likely the most popular table casino game in the United States and is easily found in casinos across the world. The objective of the game Blackjack is simple: get more points than the dealer without getting over 21.

The typical hand of blackjack gives you a 42.2% chance of winning while the tie stands at around 8.48%. Before you take your seat at the table, check and find out the probabilities you and the dealer face when you are deciding if it is the right thing to go for an extra card.

Player’s advantage in blackjack

  • Every time you hit 21 and get a blackjack, you get paid extra as this pays about 2.5 times the amount that was staked. As long as the dealer does not also have 21 as you would then just get your stake back.
  • You have multiple options at your disposal as you are always allowed to choose if you would like to stand or hit. Whereas, the dealer is very limited and forced to hit on all card combinations up to a value of 17 and it does not matter if the dealer has you beat with a lower hand value.
  • You have the option of using a double-down feature which allows you to double your takes at the times when the game is working to your advantage. Hence, making you able to maximize your winnings from those moments.
  • Sometimes you have the liberty of using the blackjack surrender strategy even if it is not always offered-with your starting hand and get back half of the money you staked. This can save you money in the long run and on the plus side, the dealer never has this option.
  • You can choose from split pairs, which makes it easier to improve weaker hands and also take advantage of the dealer’s weak hands.


  • A fast game can mean more loss rate per hour: just because the game fast does not mean that you will lose money faster.
  • Wagering requirements for bonuses tend to make getting an edge almost impossible: an issue with these bonuses is that not all of them come for free reign. Meaning that they often come with strings attached. You might need to wager your deposit a bonus a certain number of times before you can cash out. Also, with requirements for wagering, wagers on blackjack typically do not count toward fulfilling your bonus requirements.
  • You cannot get an edge with techniques: while there are numerous advantages, you cannot use play techniques such as card counting or shuffle tracking. These kinds of techniques only work when you are dealing with a card where the decks are still out. So in this bet, your best bet is luck and maybe a little strategy… or a lot of it.
  1. Craps 

On the outside, craps may look like a game where people are simply throwing a pair of dice across a table. However, this game just like every other game we mention in this article has odds, probabilities, and house edges that dictate your chances of winning any given bet and what strategies, therefore, can be applied to the game.

Below is a list of dice roll probabilities and the percentage of the chances of winning:

Dice Roll%

From the table above, it is visible that the most likely dice roll is a seven which has a likely occurrence of 36 on six of the possible combinations from the two dice. This means that on the roll, a player has a possibility of about 22.22% chance of rolling a natural (7 or 11), and an 11.12% chance of rolling a two, three, and twelve. And a whole 66.67% of rolling a point number.

The Player’s Advantage in Craps

  • No house edge: You don’t have to think long about why odds are so popular. They represent the only time that you are on even ground with the casino. A bet made with odds does not carry a house edge
  • You can make prop bets that offer larger payouts but also feature very tricky house edges.
  • You can increase your stake with better wagers.
  • You get more action without paying dearly

Cons of Odds in Craps

  • You must risk more money: because crap odds are not free. They can be quite expensive depending on your preferences. You need to risk a multiple of your stake to place these wagers.
  • Odds bets in craps can increase your losses: odds bets force you away from the comfort zone of making small minimum wagers. They require you to double your bets or more.
  • You still face a slight house edge overall: the casino always has a slight advantage on your wagers even if it is unnoticeable in the short run. The odds may be free of a house edge but your stake is not.
  1. Roulette

Roulette is an intriguing game that is played all over the world. Named after the French word, “little wheel” which was developed from the Italian game, Birbi. What stimulates the interest of small wagers is that large payouts are possible for novices and amateurs as much as it is possible for expert players.  A question a lot of people ask is if roulette is a game of skill or luck; well, the pocket in which a roulette ball lands is determined by pure chance. But certain players have been able to hack through it by playing with certain strategies that require a lot of skill, hence improving their winning chances. To answer the question, it is safe to say that roulette is a game that is equally balanced between luck and skill.

In roulette, the chances of hitting a straight-up bet are 37 to 1 given there are 38 numbers. The house however only pays out 35 to 1 on winning bets along with the same odds for payouts on combination bets. In roulette, odds are often shown as a percentage while the payouts are displayed as a ratio to the amount you wagered. 

There are two main types of Roulette bets, they include

  • Outside bets: a huge amount of the possible outcomes is covered by Outside Bets. Your pay is not going to be very generous because the chances of winning with this type of bet are significantly higher.
  • Inside bets: the specific numbers and sets of numbers on the inside of the betting table of the game of roulette. Inside bets have a significantly lower chance of winning than outside bets. However, this is easily balanced by a larger payout. Inside and outside bets have the same house edge.

Since there is no way to influence the outcomes or reduce the house edge, it is possible to improve your odds in the game of roulette. However, below are a few tips on how you can improve your odds and maximize your winnings:

  1. Choose your roulette game variation wisely: Beware of the different odds for each variation before you start playing. Whether it is American Roulette, French Roulette, or European Roulette. Finding out the house edge of your game will do a great deal in helping you avoid any losses that you cannot bear.
  2. Come prepared for the game: the betting payouts in roulette vary immensely. If you are looking to make the most of your stake, you will need to do your fair share of research on the odds of different bets paying out before you play.
  3. Place outside bets to increase your chances of winning: if you are interested in the best chance of winning at roulette, then your go-to should be outside bets. They are safer even though the payout is smaller than the amount staked because of the higher probability of winning. If you are looking to play it safe and walk away with your winnings, then outside bets are the way to go.

Advantages of Roulette Odds to the Player.

  • It allows for large participation.
  • It is a fast game.
  • Outside bets allow for bigger chances of winning.
  • It is cost-effective if you are taking a small amount of money.

Cons of Roulette Odds to the Player

  • Inside bets have lower chances of you walking away with your winnings despite how attractive the offers may be.
  • Despite the calculations, roulette is more luck than strategy.
  • The house edge has more advantages than the players.
  • There are limited strategy options.


We have provided a list of the casino games with the best odds but you might also be wondering, “is that all? Well, it isn’t. According to Forbes magazine, the Wheel of Fortune and the popular Slot Machines have the lowest odds of winning with a house edge rated at 10 percent or more.

However, the best options were listed above so which one, in particular, is the best casino game with the best odds?

After conducting review and research, we can say that Blackjack is the best way to go home with your winnings secured in your pockets. In Blackjack, you are somewhere between about 44 (forty-four) percent to 50 (fifty) percent in every hand of winning. No other casino gives you odds that great. 

The more money you put in each bet, the higher your chance of winning. If you put the maximum amount in a penny machine which is about 50 cents, your odds improve than if you put in 2 cents.